Heading South for the winter? North for the Spring? Don't travel out of the way to layover with your horses.

If you travel with your horses along highway 95 North or South, or along Route 17, consider a layover at Spring Farm. We are conveniently located on a private drive directly off 17, about 10 miles from the intersection with 95. 

We are a historic horse farm with three new stalls in a private shed row barn. We offer the horses and their humans respite while on the road. Private turnout is available for the horses, in addition to the 12x12 matted stalls. There is ample room to maneuver and park a large horse trailer.  The guest suite for people includes bedroom, breakfast nook and bathroom. There are several hotels within 10 minutes if you chose to stay off-site. $30 per horse, $60 for the suite.